UTOPIA: D'Italiane Kitchen

Thursday, October 11, 2012

D'Italiane Kitchen

On the final week of my colleague 'departure', we organized a farewell lunch with him at a fancy restaurant @ Sunway Giza
this place was recommended by another teammate who happens to dine there before...
food was superb!
we had chicken & garden salad
seafood soup...dunno wut izit called in italian
pizza...of course!
pasta...yea it is seafood too
and seafood risotto! seems like all we ordered are related to S.E.A.F.O.O.D
dessert was vanilla icecream with creamy chocolatey cake...i jst can't remember wut is it called!
the hot chocolate overflows once you cut the outer layer of the cake

overall, nice ambience, great food, and good service, THUMBS UP!

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