UTOPIA: Lemongrass

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It was another hectic moment some 2 weeks ago due to a tender submission. Me and colleague were working round the clock to meet deadline...My part has done, just some touch up here and there and compilation for final copy after translation. Somehow seeing how dedicated we are, the kind sales guy treated us dinner.
We went to a nearby place called 'Lemongrass'
 it was a nice dining place with light decorative...such as...
and that reminds us of our deadlines...haha!
so, without delaying mch...we ordered our food...mostly locals and fusions...
i prefered local dish, hence i ordered rice with sambal squid and rendang chicken...which turned out to be not bad! 
i dun wish to stay back late in the office, but if there is a need, i would like to hav another dinner at this place ;-)

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