UTOPIA: Koam Hotel, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Friday, August 3, 2012

Koam Hotel, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

This is the place that i stayed during my short trip in Seoul. It was a humble small hotel located next to the highway, and it was quite cheap at USD60 per nite.
Despite the low rate, all amenities were provided, inclusive of unlimited wifi too! And the speed is superfast!
Here's a view of the bathroom cum toilet...it looks very...
the room was equipped with a 42' tv, with lotsa channels, but mostly in Korean language:-(
this is the couch sofa...which can also be used as a bed in case u need extra one!
let's look into what they have in the bathroom cum toilet...
well, the main thing is the toilet bowl...hahah!
and a range of shampoos and body wash soaps
meanwhile, on the 'make up' table, they even provide combs to the customer! and a plenty of lotions...but i dun dare to use any...coz it seems to hav been used by many customer before (well, it has been opened and wasn't new!) 
each room is equipped with a wifi router....free unlimited usage and fast too!
they even  have water machine inside one of the cabinet...but it isn't working!
here's what i have in the fridge....so pathetic! only 2 cans of orange juice and 2 bottles of mineral water :-(
i m expecting to have some chocolate bars...
again this is the first time i m seeing this...
guess what is this?
nope, it is not a microwave oven...
it dun heat up food
but it heats up utensils
this unit is specially used to disinfect the cups/glasses
meanwhile, some sachets of tea, coffee, creamer is being provided too...
in case u gets hungry, this phone is very useful to order....food...
eerrrr, i mean room service ;-)
nice phone though, looks classic but sexy!
and here is another classic 70's style...the golden wall and dim yellowish light
plus the red stool
the clothes hanger...all looks very 70's and classic
as usual, there is hairdryer
and water boiler
and again, first time i m seeing a chandelier light in a hotel room...it makes the room looks somekind weird...
yea, sort of a mixture of modern and classic and retro style but somehow all doesn't blend in together!
despite the comfort, i spent my time working on the bed, and hardly have the time to lie on it...
and while i m bored, i browse thru the menu and look at the food pictures
the food looks good though, but i wonder how i'm gonna place my order since the receptionist doesn't understand English...
thankfully i dun stay long...coz i started missing home on my second day...

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