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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hectic moments

Running a project and handling bids at the same time can drives you nuts...
Well, i found myself these days doing things like some production machine being put to full force to meet deadlines!
From doing research, running in production plant and doing testing
 to having meetings and group review almost daily
 and trying to understand some systems that I dun use
 plus attending some techical talks
 at the meantime, plenty of discussions, reading (super duper thick tender docs), writing, calculation, drawings (not using hand but using tools), document compiling, mentoring, hunting for information and feeding people information both in verbal and in writings...
i m so darn tired!
and still i gotta work in the McD on a hot morning as the electricity went-off in the office building
crazily hectic, being chased for tasks completion, and many aggresive deadlines!
and i just hope that my boss appreciate and knows my value rather than treating me like a slave
I hope i can sustain until my new job offer, hopefully the HR could return with the salary offer that i hoped for...cross fingers...
at the meantime i wish i could have a cool and soothing beancurd pudding ;-)

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