UTOPIA: Cute Stuffs in da shop

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cute Stuffs in da shop

Let me feast ur eye with some cutie and girlie stuffs.
There is this newly opened shop in the neighbourhood, which i can't remember it's name, and it sells very victorian kinda souvenirs and toys...
it just happened that we drop by that place after lunch to have a 'look-see' around
 most of the items there is either in pink or beige or white
 and  a lil' touch of gold ;-)
 yea, the phone is REAL! stupid me asking the sales assistant if it is meant for display!
 yeah..it is being displayed for sale and it is a functioning phone!
well, this shop is suitable for girls or someone who wants to buy gifts during Valentine...lol!
definately not for me ;-P

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