UTOPIA: Chinese Wedding Biscuit

Monday, July 9, 2012

Chinese Wedding Biscuit

You might want to congrat me if u see this.
again, it is NOT MY WEDDING, k...
my cousin sis jst got wed last week...and somehow, as a tradition, the family will distribute this delicacy (known as "daughter-weds-out" biscuit....direct translation, lol!)
Well, it is quite a common delicacy, and can be bought in any chinese pastry shop these days...
The one on the right is wedding biscuit, meanwhile the cone-shape-like-thingy on the left is also part of the wedding biscuit which is normally used for decoration (though it is edible). This is the first time i'm seeing it. It looks weird after being cut into half, but it tasted jst as good as the wedding biscuit!
this kinda biscuit used to be cheapo stuff where people dislike eating, but somehow i enjoyed it mch...coz it reminds me of...

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