Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The weather was hot over the past few weeks and is predicted that El-Nino will hit back at this region.
I m breathing hazy air since then, and regardless of sunny or not, I can’t escape the warm stuffy weather. Apart from staying in air-conditioned area, and switching the fan to full-blast, one resolution is to take icy cold dessert.

The cheapskate me (nowadays) no longer indulge in Haagen Dazs, but opt for our local Ice Kacang.

I was taken aback when seeing the dark coloring on the top of it, hesitating to gulp down despite being so thirsty. I felt refreshing immediately after taken the first bite, but it did not help in reducing my thirst as it was sweet due to the syrup. Anyhow, it was fun having Ice Kacang coz there were lotsa ‘treasures’ on the bottom, u just gotta dig it!

Having this once in a while should be okay ;-)

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