UTOPIA: May Feast 2

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Feast 2

As usual, no birthday celebration is complete without a family dinner. Last Sunday, we had ours at a nearby Chinese restaurant.
Upon entering the building, we were greeted with another entrance.

Read the signboard warning from bottom to top,
No outside foods allowed.
No pets allowed.
No footwear allowed.
No attires allowed.

They expect the visitors to go in naked ;-)

Ok, that is my general interpretation. If you interpret them specifically,
It may goes like this:

No burgers and drinks allowed. --> ok, I will bring in a durian....
No dogs allowed. --> all other animals are permitted ;-)
No slippers allowed.
No short pants allowed.
No t-shirts allowed.

btw, this not the entrance to our dining place, the restaurant is located at first floor.
Anyway, nice flower pot they have!

After placing our order, we were being served Chinese tea Baked nuts and chinese herbal soup It took us some time to wait for the dishes to arrive Halfway eaten

A nearer snapshot, sizzling pan beancurd, on top left is pork rib in dark bbq sauce Steamed fish with spicy sauceVegetarian dish

We left the place happily after this sumptuous meal. See that happy face?

btw, tis soh-poh isn’t me ;-)

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