UTOPIA: Ambank lousy services 2

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ambank lousy services 2

Ambank = Money Sucking Bank
this caption says it all

Well, I m to continue with my saga, cuz I really got pissed off with their services that I feel like complaining to the consumer rights.
Just when I m expecting them to release my JPJ vehicle registration card after completed settling my loan, I was being bombarded with another surprising fact – That I have to go to the HQ personally to collect it, else I gotta pay additional RM30 for them to courier that card to this branch office.

RM30 to courier just a card???

Isn’t this supposed to be covered as part of their services? The transfer is to be done internally within branch and I wonder what’s the hassle and logic of charging customer for an easy task.
They've already imposed a double-digit service charges into the loan payment bill and surprisingly the service doesn’t cover this.

I wonder why they kept the cards over at HQ instead of branch office? And when the owner entitled to have it back, Ambank sort of penalize the customer for the extra ‘effort’ of transferring it.
Well, the transfer should be FOC, at least I knw that Maybank doesn’t charge customer for this kinda service.
Ambank the leader in financing services money sucking services!
Is this how they do their biz? Scaring customer away by imposing unnecessary charges?

I seriously don’t recommend people to this bank.


seostart said...

This bank stole a little money from me. Yeah it's really sucks!

Anonymous said...

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