UTOPIA: Fuss over Jln Alor Name Change

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fuss over Jln Alor Name Change

I’ve been following closely on the protest of traders, tourists, and many locals on the recent name change of a famous street in KL. Being a hawker food haven in KL, this place has been carving its name not only among locals but also internationally. Imagine 900,000 hits when being googled. A sudden change by City Hall proves that these authority are just no brainer but money sucking people who only knows how to extort $$ frm traders and create more problems for them. Well, I ain’t one of the traders there but I could feel the pinch of their silly act. Changing a name just for the sake of bringing in more ‘stars’ names into that area! Craps! Have they ever considered how much confusion they would create and business loss that the tenants will have to endure? Any changes to a business-loaded spot as such should be kept minimal in order to avoid revenue loss, unless the change is for the better – which in this case I dun see any, but only worse effect.
Not to mention on how much effort that have been thrown in over the decades to make that street popular among tourist? Changing the name overnight is rather ridiculous without judging carefully on how much the cons might overweigh the pros. Com’on DBKL, put on your thinking cap and stop acting alone without discussing!


I have been lamenting on how unfair the world is, just because of certain no-brainers who are unable to see the ‘big-picture’ before implementing certain thing. These no-brainer are mostly management or some-idiots-who-think-they-are-powerful, but end up doing things in a haste, without thinking much (and with influence of certain people). To all the potential stupid ‘bosses’ out there, please think of scalability, performance, bottleneck, losses (revenue, people’s trust), hardship…and all sorts of negative impact it would create before taking a move. Well, certainly many of us have gone thru this. I do have my bitter share of how unfairness/mistreat, and if I hav to list down all of those, it could have been compiled into a textbook. Unfortunately, my scar is too deep from the previous ‘damage’ that it takes some time to heal.


Canny Har™ said...

Totally agree!!!

Maybe those no-brainers 'too free' ady! LOL!

pearly said...

hi dear :
I love this place Jalan Alor , is sad to see it goes .
I totally agree with you too ! well! all those ppl in powder is not interest whatever is wat there can get out of it and put into their bank account .

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