UTOPIA: 10pm Sunday Nite

Sunday, August 17, 2008

10pm Sunday Nite

Myspace Graphics

I'm here spending my remaining off-load hours before i 'q' and resume the next day.
I found this graphic super eye-catchy and decided to put up here...Ignore those words...i ain't famous, okay?
Just finished reading a preview of UTOPIA from Review God...Very amusing though! and i couldn't help but started drooling when seeing that ol' Chang Kee currypuff picture...*while the air was filled with some aromas from neighbours kitchen! such a great combination came at the same time!!!
ok, tht's all for now...signing off...


keeyit said...

Why thinking to quit? Find the job first then only quit la..

Nux V said...

keeyit: huh??? i think u misunderstood my post...no, i'm quiting here...but to go zZzzzz as to gear up myself for Monday ;-)

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