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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shop till i drop!

It's S.A.L.E again!
Recently i have been spending alot on shoppings. It is either i dun spend a single cent at all or i spent my entire wallet with only 1 cent or 10 cents left. I m more of the latter these days despite the higher inflation. I guess there is some weird mindset which gets me to think tht if i dun buy now, the prices will keep goin up in the next few months...and end up i won't be able to get the similar thing at the current price.

So, i ended up buying this 'not-so-colourful clown dress'. I like the comfortable satin fabric, it made me feel like i m wearing a pyjamas
high heels...i still think that the heels are abit too high for me! ~regrets~
closer shot
and i got myself a flat one too...
complete with a handbag, as to match my clown dress
Laptop backpack. I dun buy this one. It's courtesy from the next team...Their vendor are just so G.E.N.E.R.O.U.S !
See, i m advertising on their behalf!
what are you waiting for? it's sale now...
go head to the nearest shopping mall!

1 comment :

Canny Har™ said...

wow...i also wanna go shopping!!! Arghhh.. so tempting!!

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