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Friday, July 11, 2008

Gossips do make the world go round!

I dun believe that the world revolves around me, and it will never be. As i was trying hard to keep a low profile, especially on my resignation...some people out there are like broadcasting this news to the whole world. Yes, is WHOLE WORLD!
The news travel some 10,000 km and reached a few colleagues in Zurich.
Well, not a surprise in this IT-age world. But with such news? that's only a gossip, nothing important. Why wanna make it big?
And i almost got choke on a duku when someone (whom i hardly know) asking "i heard that you are leaving soon, rite?" while i was having my fruits at pantry.
Even the receptionist, accountants, and some stranger from the other team/companies has know abt this. Some people even trying to investigate on my new company...Well, i did not tell anyone about it, and now there are speculating like crazy. Darn!
Gossips do make the world go round!


Canny Har™ said...

LOL~~~ This is the WORLD, dear~

xniquet said...

and you forgot about another thing :P


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