UTOPIA: Properties, anyone?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Properties, anyone?

Sleepy. Been on another leg-aching experience. Spent almost a day at Tesco and IOI. Finally, i got to taste Wendy's. Not special though. Spent some $$$ lately. Can't estimate how much but it's over my monthly budget range.
I m here writing craps whilst there is a report awaiting me to complete...Gonna expect a huge pile of handover on next month...i mean next week! phew!
Mum noticed a few red spots surfaced on my cheek. It is so terribly ugly. I guess it was due to the drastic weather change these days. It was either too hot/sunny or cold rainy days. Good news is that she's gonna boil some herbal soup for me...in hope to minimize the ugly complexion.
Nowadays, some of my colleagues seem to be xtremely hardworking. Instead of dedicating 100% in their current full time job, they did some 'external jobs' during office hours. It can varies to almost anyting, but the most common thing i observed would be sales, either online or direct-sales. Such a clever idea to generate second income! I always dislike people with such attitude. I think it's rather unfair to the other colleagues (especially their teammate) who did all the job while that person happily socialising with other people in the office (to fish potential customers!)
I can't tolerate this kind of work ethic - People who misuse company properties and office hours to do their personal business!
And, again, i hav been approached by another colleague who's trying to sell some health products. She even have a website to advertise them. It's sort of annoying...coz she keeps giving me some reading materials/media as to influence my opinion on those products. I totally have no idea on how to reject her. I really need to come up with a good excusereason!
At such hard times (when inflation is high), all i could think of is to invest on some other things rather than buying some health products...Perhaps properties?
Not that i want to buy-sell houses, but i do dreamt of having my own house one day. And my ideal house is some sort of suburban small apartment.


amei79 said...

no wrong to do direct sale, but is really wrong to do it during office hours. ur boss doesnt realize this meh?

btw, become an insurance agent can bring us side income too...but i not really like those business which need to talk alot.

Nux V said...

amei79: memang wrong sama sekali! terrible colleagues and work attitude in my office...thank God i gonna ciao soon!

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