UTOPIA: I got no LIFE (Part 2)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I got no LIFE (Part 2)

Forget about work, m thinking of having a vacation somewhere…in July.

And food? Well, I like food…perhaps I should go for another food hunt! Reading Canny’s blog made me salivate. I wanted to go Wendy’s, Dragon-I, and have K-session at Red Box. I was brought up in a way to live life moderately, even in food consumption. I dun think I’m able to have all these ‘luxurious’ eating habit and excessive entertainment in within 2 days…It’s very draining…pocket drain too!
Besides travelling, i'd like to attend parties, like those birthday parties that I read in Kirsten’s blog… i miss my childhood parties, it gets me to forget all the miseries and worries that I had now. Life seems to be great for this lil’ girl, she got her parents to bring her around and show her things. During my time, my parents never do that. Life’s pathetic! And I guess I’m far more restricted (in terms of livelihood) compared to my parents. Despite living in a different eras, I m sort of abit left out when it comes to life. At least my mum has the freedom to roam around when she was my age now. Fashion sense? I guess I lose out to her too.

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Canny Har™ said...

I am going to Melaka for makan trip in July!!!(Nyonya Laksa, Satay Celup, Chicken Rice ball, Durian Cendol,Manggo Cendol, etc) Do u wanna come along? Join me la. :P

Lets go sing k when u feel like singing! Ok? I date u! :P July? August?

Sometimes, once a while, need to pamper urself ma.. Work so hard, must play hard n enjoy life..right? :-)

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