UTOPIA: Have they gone nuts?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Have they gone nuts?

Do they eat dog's meat?

Do they catch rat to boil soup?

Or fry some insects for snacks?

Yes and No.
But anyway, those edible stuffs that my sis took during her week-long stay in southwest China were very much the similar to our local chinese food. Some are pretty tantalising too!
A typical take-away meal box
A neat display of meal served in a more cleaner, established restaurant.
Utensils came in packaging in certain established restaurants. This has been a hygienic-approach since the outbreak (flu? SARS?)
Here's a more interesting ones, more 'local' dishes...
Noodles...dunno wut isit called...
Dishes, with their "extremly clear" soup
Veggies...dunno wut sort of veggie
And yummy....chicken dish...
Do you notice that they mostly use nuts in their dish?

I guess they will like our nasi lemak...(with lotsa peanuts!)


Cometh said...

Are you sure the meat are the type that they told you?


It might be different type of meat...

Be paranoid... be very very paranoid,


yenjai.net said...

Those friends who went to Shanghai or Beijing have very different dishes

Most of the dishes contain enough OIL to ... fry few kgs of yau char kuai

Shiphire said...

The last line.. Isn't is groundnuts instead of peanuts? LoL~

Shiphire said...

LoL, I checked a dictionary and it turn out that both are the same thing.

Lack of common sense here.

khengsiong said...

Southwest China? Is it Yunnan?

Food in Northern China could be very different from what we eat here. Northern Chinese eat a lot of mantou and dumplings. No, these are not 'side dishes'. They replace rice.

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