UTOPIA: Intuition?

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I felt that these days my intuition are always correct. It's amazingly strange.
Just a few days ago, I have some weird strong sense that MT was inside the elevator. The elevator door opened, and MT was really there!
And in another occasion, I have put my phone into silent mode, and placed it under the table. It was in such a way that I will not aware of any calls since I couldn't see the light blinking nor hear the vibration. I almost forgot that I have to pick up an important call, but the moment I realised, I immediately checked my phone and saw the light blinking. I picked up the phone just in time!
And that was the only single call that the person made, as there wasn't any missed call earlier!
Yesterday was an amazing one, although it wasn't much related to intuition, but that was sort of a mission impossible. I was in the car driving back home, but somehow, it struck my mind that I need to collect some documents from the bank. I checked the time, it shows 3:55pm. The bank closed at 4. I tot of giving it a try, though it seemed impossible coz it take some 5 minutes to reach to that place and parking is also an issue in a commercial area. However I managed to get a nice parking lot just right in front of the bank. I rushed out of the car as soon as I got all the documents prepared. The moment I reached the doorstep, the guard was on his way to pull the grill down. I managed to get in as the last customer!
There were only certain times in my life where my six sense are correct, and these are some of the rare occassions!


Canny Har™ said...

Eh sometimes I am like that too.. I mean, I can feel someone is at the same place as me..then I really met that person..

But your experience are quite cool! Amazing!!

Nux V said...

canny: gimme 5! i guess women six sense are quite strong and accurate most of the time...wuahaha..

amei79 said...

never experience it b4 i think.
but sometime thinking of someone, and talk to myself quite been long time not meet he/she. and by right, i meet that person on the same day.

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