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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Apple Computer

Of all sudden i thought back of my very first PC. It was a very old model of Apple computer, a 1980s series, huge, with the size of today's server. I was still in primary school during then. My dad bought it second-hand from our cousin as they got a much faster machine. We used it just to play games. The monitor could only display 4 colours - blue, red, green and yellow. During then, there was no proper GUI. The start up will need one to enter some DOS command. There were about 3-4 lines of command used just to 'power on' the operation. I'm not quite sure what sort of OS it is running on, but for sure it isn't Microsoft. Only after waited for about 10-15 minutes when all the processes initialized, I have to insert a 3.5 inch diskett an antique diskett with the size of a CD as to start up the game.
That was my very first exposure to computer. After 3 weeks of excessive games, that computer went kapputt. We did not get someone to fix it, as it costs alot during then. My beloved computer game box was sold out months later.


Cometh said...

Hmmm, I remembered my first computer was a pentium 166 mmx. =p

Nux V said...

hmnn, let me guess, tht model was manufactured about 11 years ago?
i got my celeron around that time.

FELEX TAN said...

I like apple 's design ,it is unique and classy.

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