UTOPIA: Shilpa Lee

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shilpa Lee

This lady is gifted.

She has the brain and body.

And she got all the ups and downs in her life, which got her to experience some different lifestyles. No wonder she never regret of what she is doing!
Sometimes when I m too sick with my job, I’l be thinking of being like her. Trying to escape from the normal chores and doin things that I like, and most importantly can earn lotsa $. Well, of course in a different way. I’m not too sure what’s in her mind, but having a lifestyle like her is every girls’ wish. I mean being treated like a princess and perhaps having some guy to pay for your shopping goodies…Besides, she’s still getting respects from her clients despite her status as an ‘escort’. Isn’t that wonderful?

My mind is getting hay-wire these days.


Chee Hoe said...

Hmm, so i guess thats called empowerment?

khengsiong said...

I am not sure if all her clients are gentlemen. Maybe some of them are violent and sexist, but she just doesn't want to admit it.

Anyway, I don't criticize her. She doesn't steal or kill. Those conservative people who condemn her for moral decay should first understand how much she has suffered all these years.

Anonymous said...

I read her interview. She said she could always turn down prospective clients, and she had done so a few times.

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