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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Plain Jane

As to further prevent unnecessary use of bandwith in the office, the network dept has took a drastic move as to ban all personal blog domains as well. Such a great effort to keep track of these personal domain! Life is boring without blogs. Apart from blogging locally (using Word sheet), now I couldn’t even read blogs (be it in blogspot, wordpress, innit nuffnang, and various personal domains). Life sucks in da ofis!
Well, life does really sucks in my workplace, boss is dumb, salary is so-so, work amount sometimes unbearable, and teammates sucks! Darn sucks! Sucks! Sucks!
As an outcome of being so much in a mundane environment, I have slowly turned into a self-centered person just like the rest of my mind-your-own-business teammates. I realize about this and there is nothing I could do to change myself. I might as well call myself Jane, poor Jane!

Flashing back to 10 years ago, Jane was a mischievous gal whom (like any other teenage gals) enjoys gossiping, go craze over bands, cute guys and read junk mags (tabloids, gossips etc). Jane giggles along with her GFs whenever she sees Prince William photos over those mags (well, he was darn cute back then!). Despite unpopular, she has lots of companions, those na├»ve and innocent girls back then who were also her classmates. Jane was a huge fan of 911 band, but unfortunately was being forbade by parents to go for any of their concerts. Despite that, she and her sis still watched MTVs and scream and yell in front of it. Jane did her best in whatever she do as to impress her crush(which eventually never happen). Jane’s life was perfect and carefree, but now all is left is just memories.


Canny Har™ said...

Jane :-) Is that your name?

3POINT8 said...

Wha.... critisizing your boss. That is a very daring move!
I'm also wondering, was Jane your name?

Nux V said...

both: nolar, my name isn't Jane. That sounds too plain for me ;P

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