UTOPIA: Farewell Dinner

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Farewell Dinner

Boss is leaving soon. To show our appreciation for his service and leadership, the whole team has organized a farewell dinner cum (early) CNY reunion dinner at some Chinese restaurant.
Boss is paying for the dinner, we ‘makan’ only, great idea, rite?
Since he is paying, he brought along his wife and son to join the crowd.
Good food is to be completed with wines. This is our wines for ‘yum seng’ (toast) session.
Well, we had ‘yee sang’ (raw fish salad) in advance!…raw fish, oh yesssss!!!
Then, followed by a typical starter dish, the so-called 4 season platter (??)…ermmm what-is-tis-dish-called ar?

As usual, a must in all Chinese cuisine, we had shark fin soup, a very thick one! One small bowl is enuff to make us full.

And so on…so forth…lazy to take pictures of each dishes…I guess many of us know each of them oredi.
So, we proceed to take picture of boss’s son…wuakaka…lengchai or not?
New boss will be joining on next Monday, ‘kononnya’ from IBM, lady boss summore…arghh…die lar…next time kenot come to office late liao…


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Canny Har™ said...

Out of the 3 dishes..I oni like shark fin soup..the other two, haha..tak tahu macam mana makan?(means, i don eat) haha!

Wish that you'll get a good,generous and understanding boss ;-)

SHAUN NG said...

ang moh boss? that's like so cool. And yeah, his son is hot. LOL. Anyways, all the best in your upcoming new boss! Enjoy working! =]

yipguseng said...

wah! that's really some amount of wine to drink for a farewell dinner :P

keeyit said...

Those dishes just like those wedding dishes le

x said...

which bottle is the best :P

looking at them i thirsty liao

Imagica Chan said...

the son so cute!!I always love chinese dish :D

Chee Hoe said...

I love sharkfin soup. Yummy!

Nux V said...

vietnam blogger: sorry, i dun understand wut u wrote ;-)

canny har: aiseh...rugi lar...u dun take 'yee sang'? how about some wines? boss paid for the meal...must at least try the food! wuakakak...

shaun ng: thanks! but i begin to dislike my new boss now :-(

yipguseng: yeapz...farewell + CNY dinner...thus, need lotsa wines..

keeyit: exactly!
except that i no need to pay (in red packet)...hehe

x: well, it depends on individual taste ;-)

imagica chan: Typical chinese cuisine...yeah, i like them too..but sometimes get too bored with it.

chee hoe: me too ;-)

kang yong said...

I saw cute ang moh kid... Aaa.. feel want to take photo with him too.. haha. Good luck to your upcoming boss~!

jam said...

Wa, ur boss is ang moh one! Nice to have an ang moh boss leh

3POINT8 said...

Wow...CNY is 2 weeks ahead and you guys are having yee sang already?

MOnkeyWOng said...

Ur boss really nice, pay for his own farewell :P

Nux V said...

kang yong: thanks for the wish...hopefully i m able to survive a lady boss!

jam: yeah..boss is nice...but my colleagues sucks ;-)

3point8: early 'yee sang' made me feel like CNY rite now..

monkeywong: hehe...on the other hand, he is being promoted...for sure, he has to treat us ;P

Simple American said...

You work for IBM? So does my missus.

Lengchai! kekeke Melted all you ladies' hearts, huh?

syhcool said...

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