UTOPIA: And the answer is...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

And the answer is...

Answer’s out!

$15 can buy you 15 sweets….

Ok, that is not the exact answer, please read on!

15 wrappers can be exchanged for another 5 sweets.
5 wrappers (from the 5 sweets) can be exchanged for 1 sweet & leftover with 2 wrappers.
Balance 2 wrappers add to the 1 new wrapper and exchanged for another 1 sweet.
So, 15+5+1+1= 22 in total.

Well, that is more of a math question and a lil’ of IQ, but anyway, thanks to those who took part in answering it. Lastly, congrats to 3Point8 for being the first person to submit the correct answer. I din expect an overwhelming comments from you guys/galz, and it really surprised me that you ppl even debate/discuss it in MSN! Calvin's Wife, 3Point8, Pinksterz, and X, u guys rocks!


x said...

eh ..aunty...why you blog takes so long to load ler...i have been trying to load like days ...:S something wrong in your scripts of too many widget liao :S

Nux V said...

eh uncle, time to change ur ISP ler...still using those slow speed connection ar?
anyway, i hav removed some of my widgets...hope tis will help ;-)

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