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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ich liebe es

What you'l see below are some of the McD customization menu according to countries. Well, similar to them, we (M'sia) hav bubur ayam McD (chicken porridge) and Ayam Goreng McD (spicy fried chicken) to suit our local taste...Let's see what do the rest of the world have...
In India, there are no Big Macs because the Hindu people don't eat beef.
However, they have the Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac made of lamb or chicken meat. There is also a vegetarian burger, the McAloo Tikki.
In fish-loving Norway, they have the McLaks, a sandwich made of grilled salmon and dill sauce.
It's bottoms up in Germany, where McDonald's serves - Beer!

In parts of Canada, have a lobster dinner with the McLobster lobster roll. Pardon me -"McHomard" (in French).

Japan totally reinvents McDonald's with its Ebi Filet-O (shrimp burgers), Koroke Burger (mashed potato, cabbage and katsu sauce, all in a sandwich), Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets) and Green Tea-flavored milkshake!

In Chile, you can dress your burgers with - not ketchup - avocado paste!

In Costa Rica, unsurprisingly, you can order Gallo Pinto, meaning rice and beans.

It's not Greek without pita, so when in Greece, have a Greek Mac, a burger made of patties wrapped in pita.

Rice-loving Hong Kong, has - of course - Rice Burgers, where the burgers are in between, not burger buns, but two patties of glutinous rice.

In Israel, McDonald's has 3 kosher restaurants where cheeseburger and dairy products are not served because Jewish Law forbids serving "the child (cow/beef) in its mother's milk (dairy)." They have McShawarma, meat in a pita bread roll.


3POINT8 said...

Yummy!! U forgot to mention prosperity burger....

The costa rica one doesn't look appetizing...

x said...

I want sloppy Ramli burger :P

John said...

Here in the USA, it's the the Big Mac and the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese--all a part of America's quest to see just how much fat can you put between two pieces of bread?

Interesting post. Love McD's fries.

Jason Phoon said...

and here in Brisbane we haev McBacon. With extra pork ^___^

Nux V said...

3point8: yea, prosperity burger! however, it's only available on chinese new year :-(
I hav tasted both chicken and beef, but dun really fancy it, the onions are killing its taste ;P

X: leave ur Ramli recipe at home! v r talking abt McD! wuakakaka...hmnn, McRamli, anyone?

john: thanks for info sharing, v do have Big Mac and Quarter Pounder too, but not "Double" Quarter Pounder. I'l feel so guilty (for taking too much fattening food) if i m to have one!

jason phoon: yes! McBacon! have yet to try pork burgers...i'm lovin' it...wuakakaka

curryegg said...

Mc D?
Uhhh? really? It has been a long time I stop eating McD since I was so addicted before..
Now you're tempting me.. sob...

Nux V said...

curryegg: LOL! time to hav McD! i guess u r not tempted by jst me alone...as there are alot of medias out there advertising for McD too ;-) It's everywhere, in TV, mags, newspaper, flyers, billboards...etc...wuakakaka

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