UTOPIA: Pavilion KL

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pavilion KL

Was on leave today and purposely went for sight seeing at Pavilion KL.

Well, nothing much to blog about the mall since it is quite new and some of its shops are still under construction. Perhaps i shall talk about an 'incident' on my way to Pavilion.

I was about to cross a busy road in front of tht mall when suddenly I noticed a very stunning, beautiful lady dressed like a model jst right in front of me. Dressed in blue satin dress matched with a pair of shiny stilettos, she was at the centre of attention on a busy street. Well, at first glance she looks like someone attending a banquet, but then again, judging frm her height and her fashionable appearance, she might be some rising celebrities.

We (me and my parents) were trying to cross the busy road, but seemed to no avail. There were no traffic lights and the vehicles never stop even when there r people trying to cross at zebra crossing. Miraculously, once this stunning lady stepped her feet out, all the vehicles jst stopped and let her cross...and i quickly followed behind..


Anyway, i trailed her and realised tht she is one of the invited guests for a launching of a jewellery shop...and there were alot of these stunning ladies in that shop...how i wish to be one of them!


3POINT8 said...

Ah yes....the benefits of being all beautiful and pretty

John said...

Beauty comes in many forms. The picture from your profile shows a very attractive young woman. I'm sure that you have turned a number heads when you walk by as well.

The Mall is also quite attractive--at least to anybody that might be a shopper.

keeyit said...

My office just nearby there lel..

Nux V said...

3point8: ohhhh...it's so unfair! *screaming

john: lol, yea...the mall is attractive but i'm not ;P jst another plain Jane.

keeyit: isit?? where? where??? next time when i pass by, i come visit u, ok?

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